What are Dried Mulberries, and what are their properties?
What are Dried Mulberries, and what are their properties?
Benefits Of Dried Oranges
Benefits Of Dried Oranges

What is barberry, and what are its properties?

Barberry is one of the fruits that are known as the fruit of longevity because it is known by this name has many healing properties.

Barberry is a short shrub with thorny stems

that reach a height of about four meters.

The wood of this tree has different colors such as red, brown, and yellow, its flowers are clustered and yellow and have oval leaves with serrated teeth.

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What is barberry, and what are its properties?

What is barberry, and what are its properties?

Barberry branches have many razor blades.

Barberry fruit is red and oval and has a sour taste.
The parts used in this plant are roots, root bark, stems, leaves, flowers, and fruits, meaning that all of this plant can be used.
The barberry season blooms in late spring and early summer. The buds of this plant are yellow and turn cherry red in fall.
Barberry is native to subtropical and temperate regions of Asia, Europe, North America, South America, and Africa.
It can be said that Iran is the largest producer of barberry in the world, which among the provinces of Iran, South Khorasan, with nearly 97% of the land under cultivation of this crop, produces 95% of the world’s barberry.

Iranian barberry is a unique species and is different from other species of barberry.
It is mostly cultivated in South Khorasan or Ghohestan region.
Zirkuh and Ghaenat cities are the main centers of their production.
The cluster of Iranian barberry first turns yellow and red when ripe and gradually turns wine red.
Barberry has many fans in Iran and its mass export outside Iran shows the interest of the people of the world in this fruit.

Nutritional value of barberry:

They are high in vitamin C, as well as B vitamins, thiamin, and minerals such as zinc.
Barberry has elements that have given it many medicinal properties, one of which is a substance called antibiotics, which is useful for killing bacteria, Porturoa, and fungi.

The bark, stems, fruits, and roots of this plant contain chemicals such as isoquinoline and alkaloids that greatly help in treating various diseases.

Nutritional value of barberry

Nutritional value of barberry

Benefits of barberry:

Barberry has many properties, it has high nutrients, and it contributes to the health of the human body excellently.

Barberry and improve digestion:

Almost all fruits contain fiber, which is useful for digestion. Barberry is also useful for digestion due to its high fiber content.
The antifungal and bacterial effects of barberry can greatly help maintain a healthy, infection-free body.

Barberry and the immune system:

One of the most important benefits of barberry is its effects on the immune system.
The antioxidants in this fruit are useful for fighting free radicals and improving the immune system.

Barberry and its properties for the heart:

Barberry has many proven properties for the heart.
Among the properties of this fruit are the treatment of coronary artery disease, control of high blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmia, and heart muscle disease.
Atrial fibrillation is a condition in which the heartbeat is usually irregular and rapid. Barberry in barberry may be useful in improving atrial fibrillation.

Barberry and treatment of inflammation and infection:

Barberry is useful for reducing inflammation. It can be said that inflammation is the main root of some infectious diseases and treatment of these inflammations is necessary.
Some studies have shown that barberry has antifungal and antibacterial properties, and this has made it useful in fighting infection.

Barberry and food poisoning

Barberry and food poisoning


Barberry and food poisoning:

In cases of food poisoning, you can use barberry as a home remedy.
This is due to the antibacterial agents mentioned earlier.

Keep in mind that in severe food poisoning you should see a doctor.

Barberry and its benefits for acne:

Barberry may be involved in treating acne, which is a skin condition with symptoms of bumps and inflamed pimples.

Berberine and other compounds in this fruit are useful for fighting infections and acne-related inflammation.
Studies of adolescents with moderate to severe acne have shown that taking 600 mg of dried barberry extract daily for 4 weeks significantly reduces the average acne lesions compared to medications.

Barberry and the possibility of being useful for the metabolic syndrome:

In an experiment performed on the group with this syndrome, the first group was given barberry capsules and the other group was given placebo capsules. Six weeks after taking these capsules, the results showed that a decrease in PBA was observed in the barberry group, but in The other group has not changed much.

Barberry and diarrhea treatment:

Diarrhea is caused by certain bacteria that can be treated naturally with barberry. Studies have shown that this fruit can fight infections caused by viruses, parasites, bacteria, and fungi.
It can be said that barberry is mainly useful for intestinal parasitic infections, bacterial diarrhea, chronic candidiasis.

Barberry and blood sugar control:

Studies show that barberry can be used to lower blood sugar due to its berberine.
This is why this plant is useful for preventing diabetes. Barberry is a natural way to lower blood sugar levels.
Studies have compared the effect of taking 500-mg barberry in barberry versus metformin (a drug for diabetes) for 3 months. Barberry in barberry has been successful in controlling blood sugar and fat metabolism like metformin.

The same experiment led scientists to consider barberry as a natural substance to control diabetes. Other studies have shown that berberine can improve disorders related to glucose metabolism and body fat.
Berberine in barberry can greatly reduce insulin sensitivity in people by regulating the secretion of adipokines (proteins that signal cells).
Adipokines have the potential to be useful in improving insulin resistance and inflammation.

Barberry and cholesterol level control:

Another great benefit of barberry for the human body is controlling cholesterol levels.
Dietary fiber found in barberry is effective in controlling unnecessary cholesterol in the large intestine and increases and optimizes the production

barberry drink

barberry drink

of good cholesterol levels.

Barberry and treatment of anemia:

Barberry is useful in treating anemia. Anemia occurs when the body is deficient in iron.
There may be many reasons for iron deficiency in the body, but we know that barberry is rich in vitamin C, which helps counteract this problem.

Barberry and gastrointestinal tract:

The ingredients in barberry help smooth the gastrointestinal tract and help improve digestion with the help of smooth muscles that cover the surface of the intestine.
According to studies, this fruit can solve digestive problems even faster than antibiotics due to its astringent (shrinking) properties.

Barberry and traditional medicine:

A group of experts in traditional medicine uses barberry as a sputum remover. It is also known for gum disease and some for toothache and eye diseases.

Barberry and optimization of iron absorption:

Iron absorption is another benefit of barberry. Iron is an essential compound for the body. Vitamin C is useful for iron absorption and vitamin C in barberry helps the body absorb iron optimally.

Uses of Barberry:

Barberry fruit is used in different ways, some people use it dried, some boil it, and sometimes use barberry juice.
Some may also use it as a barberry sauce, jam, pickle, and barberry cake.
Different types of barberry are divided into two species, seeded and seedless, these two species are used in different ways.
For example, barberry paste, which is taken from the concentrated extract of this fruit, is used to make sour stews sour.
Barberry paste is sometimes used to flavor chicken. This is why its acidity is considered a stimulant for appetite.

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