Introducing the services of
Kooshesh Gostar Jam Trading Company

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Introducing the services of Kooshesh Gostar Jam Trading Company


Preparation and completion of invoices (business list), including agreements between the parties, signs and symbols, shipping and delivery conditions, the payment method, etc.
The Pursuit of warranty and after-sales service of imported products - Earn points and facilities for the parties to the transaction
Banking and financial operations of foreign purchases -Participate in exhibitions and booth decoration
All services of international trade - International sea transport - International air transport - International land transport - International rail transport - Outsourcing and purchase abroad - Obtaining company representation - Export and import of goods - Release of goods from customs - Freight insurance - Business consulting - Exchange of goods for goods - Foreign exchange remittances from worldwide to Iran and vice versa
An example of the services of Kooshesh Gostar Jam Trading Company
Order registration, preparation of customs declaration, obtaining licenses from relevant organizations, export, import, customs consulting, sending by air, land, rail, sea from Iran to all countries of the world and vice versa

Land transportation from all over the world to Iran

Land road transport requires less investment and payment than other methods such as rail or air transport.

Because there is no need to unload and load on the road, the risk of damage to the goods or breakage is low. People who have bulky and heavy goods by any means that are not worth transporting by plane and do not have time for sea transport is the best option for road transport.